Initial Consultation (up to 15 minutes or via email)

Please get in touch to discuss whether therapy may be of benefit to you. I offer a free initial consultation (up to 15 minutes) where you can briefly share the details of your situation and we can discuss whether the approach I take would be a good fit for you and your goals. Should you decide to seek further support from me, we will then meet for an initial assessment session where you will have a chance to discuss your situation in more depth.

Assessment and Therapy

If you decide to try therapy you will be initially offered an assessment session where we can discuss your situation, needs and hopes for the future. At the end of the assessment we will decide whether to meet again, for how many sessions, and what the focus of our work will be. Depending on the complexity of your situation, we may agree to meet for another session before making a firm plan as to what to do next.

We will agree on a set number of sessions to begin with, with the view of reviewing these upon completion. This will give you a chance to see what psychological therapy is about and decide whether you would like to have further sessions. You are always welcome to end therapy at any point should you wish to do so.

Walk and Talk therapy

This option is available to anyone who may be concerned about meeting remotely and would like to discuss their concerns in person. Whilst research findings tell us that outcomes from therapy held over video or telephone are similar to face-to-face therapy, some clients may feel that remote contact poses an unhelpful barrier for them. If we agree to meet outside for a session, we will chose a place which feels comfortable for the both of us. Please get in touch to discuss the details and availability for “walk and talk” therapy.

Training and Consultation

I am experienced in offering training and consultation to other professionals and members of the public. Some examples of my areas of training expertise include stress management, increasing wellbeing, understanding and coping with loss and importance of compassion within the workplace. Please contact me should you wish to discuss the form of training and consultation I can offer to you or your service.

Fees (self-funding clients)

15 minute consultation: FREE

Assessment and Therapy (50 minutes): £80

Walk and talk therapy (50 minutes) : £80

Summary report of assessment or therapy: £40
(Provided upon request)

Training and Consultation: Please contact me to discuss

Private Medical Insurance

I am recognized by the following insurance providers